Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery App

Heuristic Evaluation and Redesign

Project Overview

In collaboration with two UX designers, this project is a redesign of the Chowbus app and focuses on improving the usability of the main task flow (ordering food for delivery). The goal was not to redesign the app based on personal preference, but rather on usability issues identified using Neilsen Norman Group's 10 Usability Heuristics.

Duration: 10 Days
Team: 3 UX Designers (Melissa Thanakone, Dunja Dzakovic, Kayla Frier)

My Role: UX/UI Designer
Tools: Figma, FigJam


Task Flow Overview

My team and I first identified the friction points in the main task flow and mapped out the experience of ordering food for delivery on the app. We were able to identify the key screens in the task flow in which we could analyze further with a heuristic evaluation. 


A Look At Neilsen's Heuristics  

The app was evaluated using The Neilsen Norman Group's Usability Heuristics which comprises of 10 principles. These heuristics are commonly used to measure the usability of interfaces and reveal insights that can help design teams enhance product usability.

Each heuristic that we identified within our selected task flow was evaluated against a severity scale ranging from 0 to 4 (with 4 indicating there is a usability catastrophe). By rating each usability issue, we were able to address the most pressing problem areas.


Our Findings  

My team and I identified several opportunities available for redesign and plotted them on a prioritization matrix to pinpoint the value to users and effort to fix. With the time constraints given, we chose to prioritize the highlighted issues below to redesign and update. 


Design Constraints

To ensure our design solutions were consistent with Chowbus' brand guidelines, we adhered to their existing colour palette and typography.



The issues that we chose to focus on span 4 of the 10 usability heuristics. My team and I determined that they overall ranked between cosmetic and minor usability problems. 


Key Learnings

  • The Power Of A Design System 
    Given that this was a team project, the introduction of a design system successfully helped inform our UI decisions and overall accelerated our workflow, as we were able to stay aligned and easily reference Chowbus' official patterns and styles.

  • User Testing
    For this project, the objective was solely focused on the evaluation and redesign to improve the usability of the product. There's an opportunity to take this even further and test the changes with users to determine whether they truly enhance the app experience or if there are further insights into how users behave with the product.

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UX/UI Designer

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